Workstation Rotation

Exercise: No. 9
Duration: 1 Day
Due: By end of class


For this exercise, we will be creating a collection of artistic images as a group.

The final output will be a series of work rather than individually submitted single pieces.


  1. Each student will start the exercise by creating a new 8" x 10" / 300 dpi Photoshop document.

  2. Each student will then sit down at the workstation of their choosing.

  3. For the brief time of 5 minutes each student will have complete and total authorship over the Photoshop document on their neighbor's workstation.

  4. Step Two will be repeated until each student has made their mark on each workstation around the room.

  5. One final work session will be given to each student upon returning to their own work station.


Each student must take advantage of the full five minutes

No imagery may be deleted from the Photoshop documents

File / Save for Web at the end of each work session


This exercise is a model for the real-world collaborative environment where no project maintains a single author.

The objective is to become comfortable working on a single aspect of a larger project.

This exercise derives from the literary (and fine art) exquisite corpse tradition.

Additionally, this project is meant to be fun and offer a chance to print and frame these pictures... if they look good, that is!


Once returning to the original workstation, each student will have one more work session before saving and submitting the files.

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