HITS Annual Review 2016–17

Extensive cross-discipline collaboration brought about this sprawling 44-page celebration of Michigan Medicine’s Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) first year of operation.

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Moonhead: An International Transmission

A contribution to an AIGA poster exhibition themed “Labors of Love.” This image commemorates Pink Floyd’s improvised accompaniment of the BBC’s live moon-landing broadcast in 1969. The group later named the lengthy jam session Moonhead.

“The programming was a little looser in those days.”
– David Gilmore


826michigan Volunteer Totebag

A thank-you gift from 826michigan to the volunteers that keep the organization running.


HITS Data Diagrams

A simplified graphic language humanizes challenging data-centric concepts in this set of charts, diagrams, and timelines for various teams within Health Information Technology & Services.


Prosthesis Poster Series

A group of macabre low-budget black-and-white posters promoting a master’s thesis reading at CalArts. Printed on plotters at Kinkos for less than $8 a piece.


UMMA Magazine

A series of five consecutive issues, averaging 28-pages in length, between 2013–2015. Designed within University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) standards, in close collaboration with UMMA’s team of writers, editors, and Director, Joseph Rosa.

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Michigan Data Collaborative Identity and Collateral

A concentrated subset of U-M color combined with a systematic approach to page layout brings continuity across numerous internal technical documents and public-facing marketing materials for the Michigan Data Collaborative (MDC).


MDC Website

A custom hand-coded responsive layout, consistent studio portraiture, and a unique news-delivery solution elevate Michigan Data Collaborative’s website above industry competitors within the state and beyond.



Output Video

Identity and hand-coded website for a local video production company. Graphic treatment inspired by the loud and vibrant aesthetic of SMPTE color bars traditionally used as television test patterns.



826michigan OMNIBUS
Volume IX (2017)

A 200-page anthology of student stories, poems, plays, and much more. Custom graphics were created using the Suminagashi paper marbling technique. My fourth volunteer design effort towards a major 826michigan publication. Meticulous typesetting support from Ken Caldwell.


Cafcalas Wedding

A tongue-in-cheek “company name” and visual identity system for a local brew-themed wedding.


Flip Your Field: Photography From the Collection

One of 18 art exhibitions I designed at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) from 2013–2015. A cross-departmental collaboration with UMMA’s Lead Preparator, Kate Holoka. Designed components include title wall, two-sided carry cards, wall labels, and various marketing pieces.


HITS Eclipse Viewing Party T-shirt & Event Photos

The classic C-as-moon-shape conceit given new life when paired with Albertus and a modified earth icon for the HITS Eclipse Viewing Party at Domino’s Farms.

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UMMA Fridays After 5

An outreach campaign for an ongoing series of Friday evenings at UMMA, where the public is invited to enjoy the museum after its usual closing time. Direct mailers, html emails, digital signs, and social media graphics are unified through consistent mark application and vibrant color palette.


Enjoy! Recipes for Building Community

A 268-page combination of student writing and recipe contributions from well-known chefs with Michigan roots (Mario Batali, Ari Weinzweig, and more). Cloth-bound cover with foil stamping, enclosed with CMYK-printed belly band. For sale at book stores and restaurants around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.

Featured on Michigan Radio.


U-M Color Swatch Files and Documentation

A contribution to the University of Michigan Graphic Style Guide. These Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) files provide university communicators with quick and consistent access to the complete range of U-M color inside their Adobe programs. Supporting documentation includes at-a-glance color values and installation instructions.

Available here.