Type Anatomy Research

August 28, 2019

September 5, 2019
End of class

7 days



Look up terminology for the various parts of type and typographic measurements listed on the accompanying worksheet. You will find anywhere between 1–4 answers for each line. You may use your book and/or the internet, but remember that not everything you find online is correct.


After you have done your best to fill in all the blanks, consult your neighbors to discern the best possible answer for each line.

Infographic design

Each student will be assigned a typographic term to present to the class.

Once your typographic term has been assigned, begin an 8.5" x 11" document in Illustrator or InDesign where you will create an illustration showcasing your particular term. You will also write a definition for the term which you will integrate into the total layout. Include annotations to give your term context. The resulting document will be displayed for the class so everyone can benefit from the research.


Please make a print-out of your document and find a place to hang it on the pin-board. We will review the results of your work as a group.


When you are finished, please export a high-resolution .pdf and name it according to the file-naming specifications listed on the Policies page. Submit the .pdf to the “Turn in Work” folder.