The Arrival of Printing

From humble clay impressions, we can trace the evolution of printing from Chinese block and typographic efforts to the revolutionary workshops of Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany.



Youtube description: “This guy enabled your life as it is.”

Youtube description: “Chinese Bi Sheng is often credited with the invention of the very first movable type printing system. Read more: The video is part of our "Hello China" series, a selection of 100 Chinese words that represent the essence of traditional Chinese culture, reflect its extensive and profound nature from different angles, and help people overseas better understand China and Chinese culture.”

Youtube description: “Texts were broken up into the 23 letters of the Latin alphabet, and then individual letters were produced. This video vividly demonstrates how these individual letters were produced, composed, and used.”

Youtube description: “The 1,276-page Latin Bible, the Vulgate of 1454, is the prototype of the invention of printing, a masterpiece of typography and printing technology, and a milestone in the publishing history of the Latin Bible.”

Youtube description: “You may not think twice about printing a paper for school, but what if you didn't have a modern day printer? Erika takes us to Bowne & Co. where she learns first hand how to use an old fashioned printing press.”

Youtube description: “Letterpress printing history, Steel Petal Press Chicago - printing on a C and P and an SP-15. Video by We are the Barkers”

Clip from Ben and Me, (Disney, 1958) showing the letterpress process in the mid-1700’s with Benjamin Franklin and Amos, his brilliant mouse.