Sign-off Form


In order to print at the WCC Production Center, the instructor must approve the file that the student is requesting to print. For this exercise, you’ll be designing and printing your own sign-off form to be used throughout the rest of the semester.


Your sign-off form can be big or small, fancy or sparse. The only real requirement is that it prominently feature the signature area. Setup your document however you like in your program of choice.

Print-off a few of your sign-off form to be used intermittently throughout the semester. Trim them out, if needed.


Your sign-off form should include the following:

  • Student name

  • The class name

  • The class number

  • The instructor’s name

  • A blank space to fill in the project’s title

  • A blank space for the instructor’s signature


Please submit a blank sign-off form to the instructor for grading purposes. Save your files in case you need to print more later this semester.

Please submit a .pdf and low-res .jpg to the “Turn in Work” folder by the end of class. Name your files according specifications on the Policies page.