Below are the general policies in effect for all courses described on this website.

Please note that each individual course has its own Syllabus page containing information and policies specific only to that particular class such as text book information, grading expectations, classroom behavior, and more.

Any necessary modifications will be addressed in-class before the change takes place.


Instructor — Kevin Woodland

Student — Anyone officially enrolled in courses instructed by Kevin Woodland

Site — This instructional website, operated by the instructor

Institution — Washtenaw Community College

Information — Any verbal or written communication effort from the instructor to the student(s)

Information Distribution

Blackboard will not be used for any of the courses described on this site. No grades, assignments, updates (etc.) will be distributed on Blackboard.

This website is a complete replacement of the Blackboard content distribution platform.

All information will be kept as current as possible on this instructor's website. In this way, the site will be considered the canonical information source for all courses taught by this instructor.

This website is designed to make the distribution of information as seamless as possible. It is accessible via the internet from any browser, anywhere, on any type of device (i.e. desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).

Assignment Submissions


In general, assignment's are to be submitted in one of three different ways. Each assignment may have a special set of instructions so alway defer to the individual project pages for complete instructions.

Students are expected to submit their files to the appropriate course folder in the Class Folders section of the WCC CAN server. Emailed submissions are not accepted unless specifically noted.

File Types

Always submit your native file along with any other files generated during the life of the project, such as research, jpgs, notes, etc. If multiple files are generated please consolidate them into a single folder (i.e. a parent folder).

File Naming

Always include your first initial, your last name and an abbreviation of the assignment (separated by underscores) to your file name before submitting.

Inappropriately named files may become lost, deleted, or otherwise go unnoticed.


  • J_Appleseed_E8.pdf

  • J_Appleseed_E8.jpg



  • A_Spearmint_E2_V2.pdf

Blog Submissions

Below are the steps for posting content to the Class Blog. Please submit your posts appropriately.

Please note that all work submitted for the courses described on this website may be displayed on this site or blog as examples to other students.


Grade Distribution

Student grades are viewable via Google Drive. Please email the instructor directly or use the Contact Page on this site to discuss grades. Grades will not be discussed in the classroom.


Each student will be linked to a spreadsheet containing a comparison of the students' running earned points as compared to the semester's total available points.

Only the instructor will have read/write privileges. Each individual student will have read-only privileges

Accessing Google Drive

  1. Sign into your WCC Webmail like normal

  2. Click the Google Apps icon in the top, right corner of the Gmail window

  3. Choose Drive from the list of options

  4. Click Shared With Me in the sidebar of your Google Drive

An Introduction to Google Drive


Grading Scale












Below 60

Late Work

Late Work is Not Accepted.

If circumstances which are out of your control will prevent you from submitting your assignment on time you are expected to contact your instructor via e-mail at least 24 hours before the deadline.

Each situation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Late work is defined and interpreted by the instructor as:

  • Not attending class when a final submission is due

  • Showing up after a critique has already started

  • Submitting an incomplete piece on critique day

  • Submitting an incomplete digital file

  • Submitting a digital file after the deadline

  • Failing to submit the correct file type


Attendance is mandatory and is required for the entire scheduled class period.

Please plan to attend all class sessions. Regular class attendance contributes significantly to comprehension of the course material as well as overall academic success. The instructor is not responsible for delivering missed information to students due to absence.

Excessive absences may jeopardize grades or even the ability to continue in the course.

Students who do not attend regularly are responsible for submitting their own withdrawal by the withdrawal date noted on the institution's academic calendar.

General Expectations

  • In addition to in-class work time, students are required to use the student lab or their own personal computers to complete their projects.

  • Students are responsible for reading the assigned text and not relying entirely on the instructor presenting every detail.

  • Any dishonesty involved with projects or exams will result in a grade of zero.

  • All email communications should be done via WCC email accounts. Students are expected to check their WCC email accounts regularly.

  • Projects may overlap. Students are expected to keep careful scheduling in order to manage all deadlines.

  • If you have any health conditions that might create a classroom emergency (i.e., seizure disorders, diabetes, heart conditions), you are responsible for informing your instructor.

  • At all times be considerate to your classmates and to your instructor.

  • Students are encouraged to ask pertinent questions, contribute to discussions and avoid private conversations that distract the instructor and other students.

  • Close all applications and log out at the end of every class session.

  • Headphone use is not permitted while the instructor is speaking.

  • Headphone use is only permitted, although not encouraged, during lab-time, as the free-flowing nature of lab-time often generates beneficial discussions, learning opportunities, and extra clarification of assignment details.

General internet use

  • Please stay off Facebook in the classroom.

  • This same rule applies to all forms of social networking. Please exit the classroom if you are experiencing withdrawals.

  • The institution's computers, browsers and bandwidth are for advancing the creative development of its students.

  • Students are not permitted to use Google Image Search for obtaining photographs or images for direct use in their class projects. A list of royalty-free stock photography sites is published on the Resources page.

File Management

Students Are Expected to Use Proper File-Saving And Backup Procedures.

The institution's desktops, hard drives and file servers should not be used for file storage for any length of time past the current class session.

Lost or damaged files are the student’s responsibility and may affect the final grade.

Storage Recommendations

It's recommended that all students establish a cloud-based file management system and work-flow.

Dropbox is recommended but the WCC-provided Google Drive storage system is useful as well.

Organization Requirements

All students are required to use an file organization method that directly maps to their classroom requirements.

In other words, use folders to separate class content, with sub-folders for individual projects and exercises.


Academic Integrity

All forms of academic dishonesty including (but not limited to) collusion, fabrication, cheating, and plagiarism will call for discipline.


The unauthorized collaboration with any other person in preparing work offered for individual credit.


Intentionally falsifying or inventing any information or citation on any academic exercise.


Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise.


The appropriation of any other person’s work and the unacknowledged incorporation of that work in one’s own work offered for credit.

Original (left), by Tauba Auerbach.


All students should be familiar with the WCC Student Rights and Responsibilities policies and procedures.

Home Page / Academic Information / Rights and Responsibilities

Any work deemed dishonest by the instructor, Department Chair, or Dean will result in at least zero credit for the assignment, a possible failing grade for the course and possible expulsion from the college.

Food and beverages

Food and drink is permitted at the workstations within reason.

Withdrawal Procedure

It is the student’s responsibility to monitor his/her own progress.

If after consulting with the instructor, the student feels it has become necessary to withdraw from this course, it is the responsibility of the student to do so.

Please check the Academic Calendar to find out the final day for withdrawal with “W” grade. If you have questions about the withdrawal procedure, please check the institution's Drop / Withdrawal Procedures Policy.