Photo Collection

Project: No. 6
Points: 10
Assigned: Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Duration: 4 class sessions; 10 days
Due: Thursday, July 16, 2015, end of class


For this project we're packing a small-scale gatefold booklet with a carefully selected set of self-shot photographs.

The photographs will make up the body of the book and together will form a thoughtfully “curated” collection, or narrative.

We will use the “hidden” areas provided by the two gatefolds to stash some bonus content, outside of the body of the book.

Photo Selection

Select eight (or more) self-shot photographs to become the book's primary content. Every photo must have been taken by you, no exceptions. Think about the way they relate to one another and their significance as a collection, rather than as individual images.

  • What qualities connect them?

  • Were they all shot at the same time or at the same place?

  • Are people in the photos, and if so, who are they?

  • Is the same person in every photo?

  • Are they linked because they tell a story from start-to-finish?

  • Are they disparate images connected only by their aesthetics?

(8 points)

The book must contain the following:

  1. 8 photos (minimum; taken by you)

  2. A theme (a reason for displaying the photos as a collection)

  3. A title (displayed on the cover and title page)

  4. Table of Contents (image list; on title page)

  5. Author/Designer name (your name)

  6. Self-numbering pages (Body Section only)

  7. Bonus content (in the gatefold areas)
    Theme description (40–100 words)
    One quote, with author byline (10–30 words)

  8. An interesting layout (think beyond your initial layout)

We are not adding captions to the photos, instead letting the imagery narrate itself. The Theme Description is intended to give the viewer any extra insight or explanation you hope to convey.

Avoid altering the photos or spending too much time in post-processing. This is an image selection project, not an image editing project.

The square pages are your canvas to fill and sequence. Think about innovative ways to display the photos. 8 photos is the minimum, but you can add as many as you like.

Section Inventory

Below is a list of parts and what they should contain.

  1. Front cover (book title, author/designer name)

  2. Front flap (bonus content, not specified)

  3. Front gatefold (bonus content, not specified)

  4. Title page (book title, TOC)

  5. Body Section (photo collection; pages 2–8)

  6. Back gatefold (bonus content, not specified)

  7. Back flap (bonus content, not specified)

  8. Back cover (bonus content, not specified)

(2 points)

The following files must be submitted to the Class Folders by the due date listed above. Additionally, this project requires a printed submission.

  1. Packaged Files
    File / Package...
    Include .idml file
    Include .pdf (High Quality Print setting)

  2. Screen resolution JPEGs
    File / Export...
    Format: JPEG
    Export: All, Pages
    Quality: Maximum
    Resolution (ppi): 150
    Color Space: RGB

  3. Printed piece
    Production Center
    Printed with bleeds
    4/4 (full color)

Student Example: Michelle

Student Example: Julie

Student Example: Sam

Student Example: Tess

Student Example: Holy

Student Example: John