New Forms of Writing

A overview of the majuscule scripts (uppercase letters) inspired by Roman monumental inscriptions and the development of lowercase letters (miniscules). The standardization of modern writing conventions such as letter-spacing, word-spacing, and punctuation. A brief look at Irish illuminated manuscripts.


Youtube description: “An illuminated manuscript is a book written and decorated completely by hand. Illuminated manuscripts were among the most precious objects produced in the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, primarily in monasteries and courts. Society's rulers--emperors, kings, dukes, cardinals, and bishops--commissioned the most splendid manuscripts.”

Youtube description: John Gillis shows us the materials and technique used to bind the pages of the Book of Kells.

Youtube description: “A visit to Trinity College and The Trinity College Library to see the ancient Book of Kells truly made my Dublin travel experience more complete. Here's a quick travel video to share the adventure and give you a quick glance at the college campus, The Book of Kells, and the breathtaking old world Trinity library itself.”

Youtube description: “Beautifully drawn and refreshingly calm, The Secret of Kells hearkens back to animation's golden age with an enchanting tale inspired by Irish mythology.”