Movie Poster

Project: No. 3
Duration: 15 Days
Due: End of class, Thursday, July 17


For this project you'll be making a movie poster for a film of your choosing. The movie can be real, fictitious, in the works, or whatever.

The poster does not need to be based on an existing poster, but you are encouraged to research the movie and consider using the written content from the canonical source (primary example of the poster).

You will be downloading a set of content to help you complete your poster.

Document Setup

You are not required to print this poster, but we'll be setting up the document as if it were going to be printed:

  • Vertical Format (portrait orientation)

  • Dimensions: 18" x 24"

  • RGB color space while working

  • 150 dpi

Written Content

The written content can be fictitious (made up by you) or borrowed from an existing poster, but must contain the following (word counts are approximate):

  1. Movie Title (1–5)

  2. Tagline (5–20 words)

  3. Movie Credits (provided)

You'll notice that the provided credit block is all placeholder information. You are more than welcome to leave it as it is, or update it with your own information (your name as Director, your friends name, etc.).

Make sure to install the provided font files on your computer so you can edit the credit block of text.

Imagery Requirements

As always, you are responsible for generating your own images for this project.

Do NOT pull your images and/or illustrations from Google image search.

You can use any of the following methods for creating your imagery:

  • Digital Photographs

  • Stock Imagery Sites

  • Scanned Imagery

  • Adobe Drawing Tools

  • Wacom Tablet

  • Etc.

Logo Requirements

All of the provided studio logos must be included.

The logos do not need to stay black (you may change the color to whatever you like).


Consolidate your files into a folder before submitting to the Class Folders.

  • Reference material

  • Native File (.psd)

  • Web-ready .jpg