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Image Recognition
1. The Megaloceros along with the row of abstract marks depicted on this cave wall in Lascaux France is an example of what?
2. This advertisement by Lucien Bernhard typifies what turn-of-the century graphic style?
Victorian New Objectivity (Plakatstil) Arts & Crafts Pictographics
3. What type of early writing system is demonstrated on this clay tablet (circa 1,200 BCE)?
4. What era is typified in this image?
5. What artistic movement is epitomized in this image?
6. Name the writing style (and font classification) shown in this image.
7. What Japanese graphic style and printing technique is typified in this image?
8. Who is the likely artist/designer who created this image?
9. What printing process is being demonstrated in this sequence of images?
10. What artistic movement is epitomized in this image?
11. Which photographic researcher created the this series of images?
12. What artistic era is epitomized by this interior scene and piece of furniture?
13. Who is the illustrator and designer of the book page shown in this image?
Multiple Choice
15. This term describes a means of drawing simple figures or shapes into geological formations such as rocks and cave walls.
16. This term describes an image that conveys its meaning through pictorial resemblance to the physical object it is describing.
17. Who invented movable typographic printing in 1040 CE?
18. Which famous landmark depicts the earliest, and most perfectly crafted, example of Roman monumental capitals?
19. Who wrote the first Futurist Manifesto (and many subsequent manifestos) in 1909?
20. Which of the following best describes the sequence of alphabetic evolution?
21. Which artist started the Vienna Secession?
22. Alphabetic writing is...
23. What does Parole in Liberta mean?
24. Please select the correct meaning for denotation.
25. Which came first?
Short Answer
Extra Credit
1. When was the term Graphic Design coined?