Measuring Cooper Black


In honor of the typographic measurements topic we’re about to discuss in my typography class, I dug up some photos from the time I took that idea to the height of absurdity. Along with my buddy Lance, I drove from Bowling Green to Toledo one afternoon in order to measure the monumental Toledo Pride sign hanging above St. Rt. 75 for a graphic design workshop I was involved with.

The idea was to figure out the actual height of the letters in feet-and-inches and then convert those measurements into the minuscule typographic units of points and picas. I’ll have to track down the results of that conversion and edit this post once I find the them. I’m sure I have them archived on an old hard drive somewhere.

According to we shot these images on July 30th, 2006, at approximately 2:27:27pm. And, apparently, they were shot on a Samsung Techwin Digimax D53, whatever that is—I have no memory of it. Also, as a nice little bonus, that same site lists out the elapsed time since the photo was taken. In this case, the first image was shot 13 years, 28 days, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 3 seconds ago.