2019 Tour de France Postcards


Yesterday, after work, I spent the evening working on commissioned graphic design work, which can often be tedious and difficult. Those are the times when my mind wanders off to simpler, less stringent, tasks. I found myself looking at this year’s Tour de France schedule and felt the urge the trace a stage route map again, similar to the set of posters I designed during the summer of 2014. There’s something about the mindless clicking with the pen tool that feels so good, and at the end, you have a strange snake-like shape to compose with. It’s actually a lot of fun.

A couple weeks ago I reworked a calendar layout I originally designed in 2009, and one of the things I changed was the scale. I thought I might do the same thing, here. Originally I created the stage route series in 2014 as a set of posters… but now I’m thinking… what if they were a set of post-cards. Emphasis on post, I guess? They’d have little significance as actual printed objects, but it’s nice to give them some sort of definition outside the world of digital documentation. Little, meaningless projects like this are a good way to unwind and come back to larger, more important projects, with fresh eyes.