Instructional Guide


June 23, 2015

4 class sessions
10 days

July 2, 2015
End of class


For this project we are exploring the narrative opportunities offered by a double-parallel folded piece in the form of a 6-step instructional guide.

The subject matter and content of the guide is up to the individual. Our finished folding piece will consist of four informational zones:

  1. Front Cover
    1 page

  2. Interior Spread No. 1
    2 pages

  3. Interior Spread No. 2
    4 pages

  4. Back Cover
    1 page

Document Setup

Use the following specifications when setting up your InDesign document to ensure that all eight panels are properly configured. See screenshots below for reference.

Pages: 2
Facing Pages: No
Width: 15 in.
Height: 5 in.
Columns: 4
Gutter: .5 in.
Margins: .25 in.
Bleeds: .125 in.
Vertical guides: 3.75, 7.5, 11.25 in.

Finished Size
Trimmed, folded, and laying flat
Height: 5 in.
Width: 3.75 in.


The subject matter of the Instructional Guide is up to the individual.
The written content can be real or fictitious. Topic examples might include:

  • How to make an omelette

  • How to retouch an old photograph

  • How to brew your own beer

The guide must take the viewer through a sequence of six steps. In other words, the steps must follow one another. Step one must be completed before step two can be completed, and so on. "My six favorite movies" or "Six things to do in Paris" are not acceptable topics because they are not sequential.
(2 points)

Each Instructional Guide must have a title on the Front Cover. Each of the steps must be titled, numbered and contain a brief description. There are no target word counts but each bit of writing (listed above) must be accounted for. (2 points)

Each description must be set to the "Basic Paragraph" style. All step titles must be set to the same paragraph style. Each number must be given a character style. (2 points)

Imagery is optional but, if included, must be created by the student or obtained from a royalty-free source. Do not use Google Image search.


The following files must be submitted to the Class Folders by the due date listed above. Additionally, this project requires a printed submission.

  1. Packaged Files
    File / Package...
    Include .idml file
    Include .pdf (High Quality Print setting)

  2. Screen resolution JPEGs
    File / Export...
    Format: JPEG
    Export: All, Pages
    Quality: Maximum
    Resolution (ppi): 150
    Color Space: RGB

  3. Printed piece
    Production Center
    Printed with bleeds
    4/4 (full color)

Student Examples (Winter 2015)


Student Examples (Fall 2014)