Image Curation

Assigned: Thursday, March 5, 2015
Due: Thursday, March 26, 2015 (beginning of class)
Duration: 22 days
Points: 9


For this assignment we'll be carefully selecting a range of twelve images and adding a bit of personal commentary in order to construct a narrative related to a chosen aspect of graphic design history.

The general sequence of the this project will follow these milestones.

  1. Theme registration

  2. Image curation

  3. Critical perspective

  4. Submission


To contribute to the growing body of historical research

To discover new relationships between familiar images

To impose meaning onto images through the written word

To leverage the narrative power of careful image selection

To contribute a wider glimpse of history to fellow students

Theme Registration

Due one week from today

Each student will register their theme via the form at the bottom of this page. Each idea must be well-considered and complex enough to warrant instructor approval. Once approved, the selected theme will be kept on file and referred to during final grading.

Image Curation

Each set of images will have a theme, or commonality of the students' choosing. For instance, one theme might be The Life of William Morris, where the twelve images would relate to specific milestones throughout Morris' life.

Another example might be titled Essential Ukioy-e Printmakers, with each of the twelve images profiling a representative work from twelve different Japanese Woodblock artists.

One more idea might be A Survey of Graphic Styles which sums up twelve graphic design movements in a series of twelve sequential representative images.

Critical Writing

Each image must be accompanied with the following writing:

  1. Title of Work

  2. Designer Name

  3. Movement Name
    Or associated era

  4. Creation Date
    Provide estimate if date is unavailable

  5. Medium
    Or production method

  6. Image Description
    Must describe the relationship to the theme
    40 word minimum


Listed below are the criteria in which final grades will be based on.

  1. The theme of your piece must be registered properly

  2. No more than two of the images may come from our lecture slides

  3. Curation of a set of images that can't be constructed with a single Google image search; the curation aspect must be readily apparent

  4. Participation in final group discussion


Once you've completed your image curation document, the document must be submitted to the instructor in one of the following ways:

  • Submitted as a single Text Post to the Class Blog

  • Sent to the instructor as a single Pinterest Board

  • Compiled into a single Google Document and shared via Google Drive

  • Compiled into a single Word document and sent via email

  • Alternative submission methods are welcome but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis


Name *
Please summarize the theme of the images you will be curating. Think of this as a title for your set of images.
Please describe the way your images will relate to one another and how they'll work together as a set.
Please suggest an alternative theme (with brief explanation) in the event the first choice is not approved.
Please describe the way your images will relate to one another and how they'll work together as a set.
Submission Method *
Please select the method you'll be using to deliver your images and writing to the instructor. If you select "other" please describe your method in the "Explanation" field above.