Extra Credit


Below are four opportunities to regain lost points. Each student may attempt each opportunity one time.

If you’re feeling ambitious you may attempt each assignment on this list for a net gain of 20 Points, otherwise known as two full letter grades.

All entries will be assessed and graded by the instructor to ensure they meet the expectations in terms of time/effort spent.


All entries must be submitted in the same way as regular projects and exercises:

Class folders
Native files
Web ready .jpg

Class Blog
Web-ready .jpg

All extra credit submissions are due at the end of class on the last day of the semester.

Holiday Banner
(5 Points)

Create a holiday illustration banner for display on the Schedule page.

The dimensions must be 800px wide by 200px tall at 72 dpi.

Below is a list of acceptable illustration topics.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Spring Break

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving

Museum Visit
(5 Points)

Visit the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA), the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA), or any other fine arts and/or design museum and have your photo taken next to your favorite work of art.

Museums only, minor galleries not accepted.

Submit your photo and the following information to the Class Blog.

  • Title of the piece

  • Artist name

  • Creation date

  • What you appreciate about the piece

Creative Self Portrait
(5 Points)

Create a stylized and expressive self-portrait in Photoshop.

The self-portrait must contain an image of yourself as well as imagery that demonstrates who you are as a person (i.e. literally or figuratively).

The document can be any size, but the smallest dimension must be at least 2000px.

Book Cover Mockup
(5 Points)

Start with the design that you created for your Book Cover project and create a realistic mock-up using photography or a digital (Photoshop) method.

The submission must be color corrected and portfolio ready.