Still Life

Project: No. 2
Duration: 10 days
Due: February 20, 2014, end of class


For this project we'll be creating a still life, landscape or interior scene based on a photograph specially made for this illustration.

You will be composing the photograph that this illustration will be based on.
Be selective with your subject matter.

In a way, this scene should be understood as a sort of self portrait. It should give extra insight into the person you are right now.

Objects depicted in the illustration should be at rest. We are not depicting motion in this project and we are not creating characters or portraits.



You may use any of the tools that we've learned so far.

Additionally, you are free to use any other tools you've taught yourself
or figured out along the way. Go nuts... but not too nuts.

You must adhere to the following specs:

  • 1000px x 800px

  • Landscape orientation

  • Template layer containing photo

  • Full bleed (edge to edge color)

  • No text or typography


Submit the following files to the Class Folders by the due date.

  • Native File (.ai)

  • 1000px x 800px (.jpg)

  • Reference photo (.jpg, .tif, etc)