For this exercise you'll download the starter file and generate the following file types from the individual artboards.

  1. Artboard 1
    High-res .tif
    RGB, 300 ppi
    LZW compression

  2. Artboard 2
    Vector .eps
    Illustrator CS4

  3. Artboards 3, 4, 5
    Photoshop Document .psd
    150 ppi

  4. Artboard 4
    High-res .jpg
    Maximum (10)
    300 ppi

  5. Artboard 4
    Low-res .jpg
    High (6)
    72 ppi

  6. Artboard 5
    Transparent .png
    72 ppi

  7. Artboards 2–4
    Multi-page .pdf
    Smallest file size

  8. Delete everything off of the art boards and
    save the file as a Illustrator template .ait


Save all of your files to one single folder.

Name the folder according to our typical naming conventions

Drag-and-drop the folder into the Turn In Work folder in the Class Folders