Open Brief

Project: No. 4
Duration: 16 days
Due: Tuesday, April 29, 2014, end of class


For your final project you are given the opportunity to specify your own parameters in the form of a Proposal.

Each student will clearly define their goal at the outset and methodically work towards a predetermined outcome.

In other words, you will be writing your own project description, setting the criteria of the project, scheduling milestones, defining the final form of the piece you're creating, and outlining the types of products you'll be submitting on the due date.

Each submission will be reviewed and approved by the instructor. The proposal is the first part of a two-way dialogue between student and instructor.

There are no size or format restrictions.


Be thoughtful about your selection.

Keep in mind that what you select is just as important as what you doand how you do it.

Choose something meaningful and something that's actually possible to accomplish. Do not loose sight of the fact that this is an Adobe Illustrator class.

Please let the following items guide your decision.

  1. Illustrator's strengths and weaknesses

  2. The type of career you're pursuing

  3. The work in your current portfolio

  4. The projects we've already done

  5. Your other class projects

  6. Other things in your life right now

  7. Think quality, not quantity

  8. Remember: We only have two weeks left!