Map Design

Project: No. 3
Duration: 16 days
Due: April 10, 2014


For this assignment we are finding and recreating a map.

The location depicted in the reference map can be real or fictitious, but it must start with a real image as opposed to something fully improvised from imagination.

The creative aspect of this project will come in the form of the reinterpretation of the physical space, depicted in the reference map.

Note: Colors, graphics and other design elements should not be sampled directly from the reference map. Reference map must depict topographical content, physical space and/or location, and must be approved by the instructor.


The main sections and overall layout of the existing map will serve as the basis, however, this objective of this project is not the simply recreation of the map, but the reinterpretation of the existing map in order to make it more efficient, beautiful and improved in some way.

Not only can the elements in the map be simplified, and reduced to basic line work, but all students are encouraged to do so.

Think simple, direct and to the point.

The following component piecesmust be incorporated:

  • Reference Image: As a hidden template layer

  • Artboard: At least 1000px x 1000px

  • 5+ Custom Patterns

  • 3+ Stroke Types

  • 3+ Icons or Symbols

  • 4+ Fonts

  • 1+ Instance of type on a path

  • Legend (Key): Denote the meaning of each of the fillsand strokes used on the map

  • Scale: Or some way of indicating length and/or proportion

  • Compass: Or some way of indicating North, South, Eastand West


Attention to detail, craftsmanship, and overall creative approach will be judged with a higher level of scrutiny than earlier projects.

Grades will be based on the following set of criteria:

  • Direct inclusion of all component pieces listed above

  • Thoughtful reinterpretation of the content

  • Major sections are labeled or indicated in an efficient manner

  • Quality of patterns

  • Quality of paths and line work

  • Color palette

  • Overall craftsmanship and creativity


Please consolidate the following files into a single folder.

Name the folder as you normally would name a file submission
(i.e. "j-appleseed-pro-3" or something similar).

Submit the folder to the Class Folders by the due date listed above.

  • Reference Map: jpg, .tif, .png, .gif, etc.

  • Native File: Adobe Illustrator

  • PDF: Save As... / PDF / Illustrator Default

  • Web-ready image: Save for Web / jpg / Maximum Quality


The images below are for stylistic reference only.
They do not directly fulfill the exact requirements for this project.