Font Modification


Project: No. 3
Duration: 3 Weeks
Due: March 20, 2014


For this assignment we are choosing an existing font and modifying the letters by adding or subtracting parts to create an entirely brand new displayalphabet.

Each of us will be picking an existing font that is simple in shape, to act as the basis of our creation.

Note: We are not creating a font from scratch. We are advancing on formsof one that already exists. The final product will be vector art, and not actually output as a font file.


The following criteria must be met to achieve the maximum amount of points for the this project.

  • Use of an existing typeface
  • 26 characters are represented (upper or lowercase)
  • 10 Numerals are represented (0 through 9)
  • Any 5 punctuation marks are represented
  • All characters are properly combined and/or expanded
  • Each character is a flat shapewith a single color
  • Depth or shading can be incorporated by using techniques like hatching
  • Each character can be selected and changed to a different color
  • Each artboard contains some sort of a background
  • Successful incorporation of a Pangram sentence
  • New typeface creation has been given a name
  • Name has been incorporatedinto one or more of the promotional images
  • The native Illustrator file is set up correctly
  • Each artboard has been output as a .jpg
    • File / Export / .jpg
    • All artboards
    • RGB, Quality—10, 72ppi

Artboard Specs

Below is a listing of the purposes of each artboard. Each artboard is intended to work as a promotional vehicle for the new font.

Be mindful that each artboad should be thought of as finishedindividual product, while at the same time, part of a larger set.

  1. Complete character set 
    An overview of the complete set 
    1440px x 720px
  2. Complete pangram 
    Must use each character onceMust sit on a regular baseline 
    1440px x 720px
  3. Numerals & punctuation 
    0 through 9 
    1440px x 720px
  4. Profile of best letter 
    Must exemplify the flavor of the font 
    1440px x 720px
  5. Side-by-side comparison 
    Before and after of a single letter 
    1440px x 720px
  6. Thumbnail image 
    To represent the font on e-commerce sites 
    400px x 400px


We will use the following steps as a guide for helping us arrive at a finished product that satisfies the Criteria for this project.

  1. Start a new document with six artboards
  2. Artboards should be 1440px x 720px
  3. Change dimensions of one of the artboards to 400px x 400px
  4. Type out the characters on one of your artboards
  5. Select the characters with the Regular Selection tool
  6. Convert the characters to outlines 
    Type / Create Outlines
  7. Get to work!


Please consolidate the following files into a single folder.

Name the folder as you normally would name a file submission (i.e. "j-appleseed-pro-3" or something similar).

Submit the folder to the Class Folders by the due date listed above.

  • Native File (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Six promotional images(.jpgs)