For this exercise you are simply creating a single Illustrator document containing multiple art boards in common sizes listed in the specifications section.


Save your document as a .ai file (native Adobe Illustrator format).

Submit your properly named file to the Turn in Work folder in the WCC Class Folders according to the Submissions page.


Open a new Illustrator Document. Create ten different art boards. Label each art board.

  1. 1400px x 1400px
    iTunes Art
  2. 1536px x 2048px
    iPad portrait
  3. 2048px x 1536px
    iPad landscape
  4. 768px x 1024px
    iPad Mini portrait
  5. 1024px x 768px
    iPad Mini landscape
  6. 640px x 1136px
    Mobile portrait
  7. 1136px x 640px
    Mobile landscape
  8. 612px x 792px
    Letter portrait
  9. 960px x 900px
    960px website
  10. 600px x 950px
    HTML email