For this exercise you are simply creating different color groups
and saving them in a file type that can be opened in any Adobe application, .ase.

Color selection be thoughtful and harmonious.

Make sure to represent all ends of the color spectrum—very dark,
to very light, with vibrant colors in between.


  1. Delete the default swatches from the Swatches palette

  2. Create at least three color groups

  3. Each color group should have at least five colors

  4. Each color group must be named

  5. Save Swatch Library .ase file type

  6. Name your .ase file appropriately and submit to Class Folders


  • Eyedropper Tool

    • Sampling

  • Color Palette

    • Basic Color Picke

    • Hexadecimal colors

  • Swatches Palette

    • Swatch Libraries

    • Edit Color Group

    • Global Colors

  • Color Guide

    • Color Harmonies

    • Harmony Rules

    • Edit Color Group

    • Save Color Group

  • Kuler Palette

    • Account

    • Website

  • Saving Swatches

    • Naming Swatches

    • Importing Swatches