Character Illustration

Project: No. 1
Duration: 2 Weeks
Due: February 4, 2014, end of class
Critique: February 6, 2014


For this project we'll be creating a very simple character made entirely from geometric shapes.

The character can be anything you choose (person, animal, etc.) but must come from your own imagination. No source photographs will be used for this project. stylization rather than a perfect photo-realistic representation.

You may modify your shapes any way you like in order to achieve new, dynamic shapes, however each shape must start as a geometric shape made with the tools listed in the Criteria section.

This project will be graded on the specifications listed in the Criteria section.


This project will kick-off our first critique. On the due date we will print these off in the classroom and hang them up on the critique wall and talk about what worked and what didn't work.



The illustration must be created using only the following tools. Each tool must be represented at least one time in the finished piece.

  • Rectangle Shape (M)

  • Rounded Rectangle Tool

  • Ellipse Tool (L)

  • Polygon Tool

  • Star Tool

Minimum of 60 shapes. Please keep adding complexity until you run out of time for this assignment.

Sets of smaller shapes are grouped to form larger, more complex shapes.

Shapes are overlapped to imply foreground, background and depth.

Color differences are used to imply moderate amounts of shading and depth.

All areas inside the safe zone(denoted by the guides mentioned in the Setup section) contain shapes and fill color.

Proper document setup.

Document Setup

Create a new document.

Select the Print profile and choose inches as your units of measurement.

Choose Letter for the page size 8.5" x 11" Portrait orientation.

Ignore the Advanced Settings.

Create guides .5" from all sides as your print safe zone, you will create your image inside of this area.


Please submit your Adobe Illustrator file to the Class Folders by the due date.