Bio Sheet

Exercise: No. 1
Due: Middle of class, Thursday, May 15
Duration: 3 days


Create an informational page to introduce yourself to the class.
The finished product must communicate the following three things about you:

  • Where you came from…

  • Where you’re at now…

  • Where you’re headed…

Embellish these three points with as much information or as little information as you like.

Your images and text can be as literal or coded as you like. Please emphasize your own personal style if you have one!

Document Setup

  1. File / New Document

  2. Preset: Web

  3. Width: 800px

  4. Height: 1000px

  5. Resolution: 72dpi

  6. Color Mode: RGB

  7. Background Contents: White


  1. File / Save for Web...

  2. Preset: JPG High

Submit the .jpg to the Class Blog according to the instructions on the Policies Page.

Put all your files together into one single folder, name it according to the specs listed on the Policies page and submit the folder to the Class Folders.