Event Promotion

Project: No. 3
Points: 10
Duration: 4 Class Sessions, 10 days
Assigned: Tuesday, May 26
Due: Thursday, June 4, end of class


For this project we will be using text and image to promote an event in the form of a single-folded sheet.

We'll be addressing three specific parts:

  1. Front Cover

  2. Interior Spread

  3. Back Cover


Document Setup
Pages: 2
Facing Pages: Off
Width: 6 in.
Height: 9 in.

Margins and Guides
Margins: optional
Horizontal Guide: 4.5 in.
Bleeds: .125 in.

Trimmed Size — finished size
Height: 4.5 in.
Width: 6 in.

Content Requirements
Content can be real or fictitious, written for this project or sourced from another promotional piece (a redesign).

  1. Header or title
    1–10 words

  2. Tagline or short description
    4–15 words

  3. Event Date

  4. Event Time

  5. Event Location
    Full address

  6. Extended description
    20–50 words

  7. Imagery
    Imagery may be created by you or from a royalty-free stock imagery site


The following criteria must be addressed:

  1. Content requirements

  2. Appropriate font selection

  3. Satisfactorily kept up with project milestones

  4. Proper use of bleeds in document setup

  5. Craftsmanship of final printed product

  6. Front/back registration

  7. Proper file submission


The following files must be submitted to the Class Folders by the due date listed above.

  1. Packaged Files
    File / Package...

  2. High-res PDFs
    File / Export / Adobe PDF (Print)
    High Quality Print

  3. Low-res JPEGs
    All, Pages
    File / Export / JPEG
    Quality: High
    Resolution: 150dpi
    Color Space: RGB

  4. Printed piece
    Production Center
    Printed with bleeds
    4/4 (full color)

Student Examples