Color Correction

Exercise: No. 7
Duration: 1 Day
Due: By end of class


For this exercise you’ll be restoring the color in a old photograph.

The goal is to prepare the file as if it were going to be printed.


  • Download the Start file to begin your work

  • Perspective Crop to 5“ x 5” at 300dpi

  • Use Warp function to straighten vertical lines

  • Retouch any scratches or blemishes

  • Use Shadow / Highlights to reveal details

  • Remove color cast in background wall

  • Use Adjustment Layers to enhance foreground


  • Leave as much of the original image as possible

  • Try to make the color tones as true-to-life as possible

  • Incorporate non-destructive image editing techniques


Consolidate your files into a folder before submitting to the Class Folders.
Do not include the start files with your submission.

Class Folders

  • Native File (.psd)

  • Web-ready .jpg (900px x 900px)

Class Blog

  • Web-ready .jpg (900px x 900px)