Cohesive Form Monograms

October 3, 2019

October 8, 2019
End of class

5 days



Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5.05.15 PM.png

A monogram is a combination of two or more letterforms that may be used as a logo. For this exercise, you will combine elements of two contrasting styles of type to create a cohesive, unified, aesthetically pleasing form. Use the first letter of your first or last name. 

  • Begin by sketching several possible approaches in your sketchbook. Try combining your first initial into one unified form, and then try with your last. Experiment with upper and lower case. This part of the process should take significant time.

  • Once you have settled on a few viable directions, select the contrasting typefaces you will use for this project. Study the unique qualities of each letterform. Note that it’s best to work with strongly contrasting letter characteristics such as script and sans serif.

  • Use Illustrator to cut and trim the elements from the letter (remember to outline the type) to create a new cohesive form. Be careful not to alter the integrity of the originally letters.

  • On an 8.5" × 11" inch page, enlarge your monogram to approximately 8" × 8" inches. On the bottom of the page include the original, unaltered letters you combined to create your piece.

  • Come up with two different variations.


Printed Submission

  • Two 8.5" × 11" printouts (B&W)

  • Pinned to the critique wall after class

Digital Submission

Please submit the following file types to the Turn in Work folder. Make sure to name your files according to the file-naming conventions listed on the Policies page.

  • Two PDFs (one for each monogram variation)
    Preset: High Quality Print

  • Two JPGs (one for each monogram variation)
    Settings: High Quality, 96 resolution