UMMA Case Studies

By Charlene Gates

I looked forward to making the visit to UMMA, to see what I would find there.  I have been there many times, but I have not been down to the study area.  

I found this to be a very fun project.  The atmosphere is always so inviting as well as amazing pieces of work. The bright glass cases created a pleasing visual display.  

I noticed the woodblock print from the stairs, which didn’t surprise me as I find interest in the Ukiyo-e, style.   Famous views from 60-odd provinces, by Ando Hiroshige was among my top choices. I looked into more work by him, and was only able to find 2 other pieces, which were also done with the water motif.  The Color on Woodblock print is such an interesting work to look at for a while, you can find many interesting meaning full parts to all of this style of work.  They tend to use this for story telling, standing strong on tradition and  cultures.

I browsed all the work and saw the selections placed mainly in groups of photo-bright story-like colors, abstract (cubism) and then to the very intricate design of shading.

Another piece that caught my interest was Woman With a Vase by, Fernand Leger.  I really like the way that his art works on the page,  He makes good use of all his space, using the shapes to create that perfect interlocked finishing piece.  I did also look up more of this work,  he has a lot of variations of the same Woman with a Vase, and in one he has her with a cat.  In all the other ones she had more hair, which for some reason I found interesting.