The Modern Magazine

Reviewed by Maia Evans

Author: Jeremy Leslie

This book explores editorial and typographic design of various publications. From the huge entities of Elle and Vogue, to smaller magazines like Nylon and High Fructose, and even very small local architecture and design journals spanning only about eight pages.

Magazines (and other graphic heavy publications) are interesting because they can be enjoyed on two levels: By intensely reading individual articles, or by simply flicking through and enjoying the feel of the magazine as a whole.
This book follows the latter, barely any text to be seen. There are mainly just labels along the sides describing which image is which. Honestly it’s kind of nice, I think picture heavy books get a bad reputation as being meant for either toddlers or coffee tables. The Modern Magazine has a lot of rich content that really doesn’t have much need for explanation. It’s like stepping into a museum with a highly extensive collection of publication design without having to leave your couch. It’s very useful to have all this information at a glance, to notice trends and get ideas.

Truly wonderful, I highly recommend this book for a look-through for anyone who appreciates good design.

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