The 3D Type Book

Reviewed by Troy Purcell

The book i chose to review was ‘The 3D Type Book’ by FL@SS, which is a book publishing and graphic design company. This type of book goes through all the different styles of type in the world ranging from normal styled type to something that you would’nt normally see in your everyday life. This book is mostly images with discriptions about the images that are displaying type. Although withthat said this book does an amazing job at showing the viewer how to accomplish the easiest of tasks with just a simple style of type.

As you flip through this book you realize that type can be made out of just about any substance/object that you can see (and im not kidding). Words and phrases in the style of graphic design are throughtout this entire book. Things that caught my attention were things like crop circles, pinched skin, door hindges, and water ballons popped to create this crazy sense text with texture and patterns all incorperated in then when finalized. The list goes on and on with many different versions and ways to create astetically pleasing to the eye text.

Overall this book is amazing from someone trying to be creative, because of the hundreds of ways you can morph type into something that people would’nt normally think to do. This book brings so much to the table when it comes to type.