Pioneers of Modern Typography

Reviewed by James Brennan

General overview into the styles and artists that have had an enormous influence on typographic design and graphic design in general. Speaks of many of the art movements, (Bahaus, Futurism, Dada, de Stijl, Suprematism, Constructivism), and how they all relate to modern typography. Very detailed, it amazes me that so much research had to be done for a book on this kind of scale. Contains a perfect mix of pictures and words so you know exactly what the author is talking about when he mentions specific art periods and movements. Many artists in this early period of typography were russian and the book explains the cultural reasons very well, and it paints a vivid and solid picture in the mind of the reader. It has the information contained in a textbook but also offers the readability and convenience of a coffee table sized book. Frequently alludes to collage forms of typographic design, hinting at its importance in not only that field, but in graphic design as well. It reads smoothly like a story almost and through this the author is able to educate and entertain with this thrilling book. Would recommend to anyone interested in the subject or anyone needing information on typography in easily readeable form.