My mastery of The New Masters of Poster Design

Reviewed by Eric Otley

The streets were naked; shredded of dignity. The sky was cold, grey, and smothered by a thick blanket of clouds. The wind a biting cold. Old lamp post lining the side of the roads looked like sad soldiers standing forever at attention; clothed only by decaying, forgotten, and unappreciated posters.

What a sad world, a world that the book, “The New Masters of Poster Design” felt was slowly becoming a reality. A world where the poster was no longer wanted. Where these once majestic canvases were being degraded and replaced by e-mails or postcards.

However, this sad future was only to be short lived as a determined group of designers set out to prove that the poster was not a dead medium, but a beautiful tool to be painted with creativity and glory!

The book, “The New Masters of Poster Design” showcases over 300 awe inspiring posters. Among the pages it displays works from all over the world from various designers. It then goes into detail about each poster giving you a glimpse into some of the behind the scenes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves posters, design, art, or history of graphic design. The pages are full of beautiful images, cleaver works of art, and enough reading to keep you occupied for days. Posters are the future!