Reviewed by Breanne Buchanan

The book I chose to review is titled Layout by Joyce Rutter Kaye. Over all I think it is a decent book that shows pages of layouts done by different companies all for different purposes and then has a small paragraph describing what makes the design so great.

 The book inspires you to think outside of the box and really play on the purpose of what you are designing. Sometimes it can take you a while to compile some ideas for a layout and you forget what the purpose behind it is. The book describes designing a layout like a chef in a kitchen; you may have all your ingredients (typography, color, format, etc.) but if you don’t have your intuition and inspiration you are probably going to come up missing something.

 Incorporating an element of surprise is also important when you are trying to get a message across. My favorite layouts in the book are on pages 10, 12, 18, and 39. Each one of those has such a great concept and truly makes you feel the message the designers were trying to get across.

 I would recommend to just flip through this book, it has some great ideas and concepts; it’s a very short book, more like a magazine but it’s worth taking a look at.