Hot Designers Make Cool Fonts

Reviewed by Lacie Snay

Hot Designers Make Cool Fonts

The book Hot Designers Make Cool Fonts by Allan Haley is all about type. The book is broken down into little essays that holds information all about font. It starts with an introduction about all of the type families. This essay explains how type face became important when the industrial revolution happened. When it comes to making money and selling products you need to advertise. And to advertise type faces are very important, lots of them. Fuller Benton explains how type faces are kind of like built like families. How brother and sisters look like their parents is how type families are built as well.

The second essay talks about how to making fonts could make you money. But it takes talent to do so. It’s not just the simple A B C and 1 2 3. It gives you some tips and some steps to take to go far with a font or text you have created.

But most of the book is all about those people who made it far and decame designers. Those talented people who made the typefaces that are well known. For example David Berlow found the text Bureau in 1989 and it has developed so much since then consisting of over 500 typefaces. Along with, thirteen other designers who made it big in the world as well. (Matthew Carter, Jean-Renaud Cuaz, Dave Farey, Tobias Frere-Jones, Jonathan Hoefler, James Montalbano, Jim Parkinson, Jean-Francois Porchez, Quay and Sack, Robert Slimbach, Erik Spiekermann, Sumner Stone, Carol Twombly)

The last two essays in the book are all about how to make type faces a little more legible and what fonts are used for what. Such as which specific type face is better used in what sizes.

I think the most interesting part of this book is the time line at the end of the book. Instead of reading paragraphs and trying to absorb so much information it set up in a time line format and much easier to understand. It starts with the fifth century B.C. with Greek lapidary type and goes to 1996 where Microsoft releases word 97 with more than 150 free typefaces bundled.

I think this book was wonderfully designed and very eye catching. I think this book would be great for inspiration and ideas for what fonts to use to anything. It has great examples of advertisements and other examples in how the typefaces were used. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

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