Great Design Using Non-Traditional Materials

Reviewed by Alden Cook

The book I chose was Great Design Using Non-Traditional Materials by Sheree Clark and Wendy Lyons.The book is mainly about what people have created using unusual things. Interacting with the materials is something that the artist can say is unique and creative. Actually being able to see the objects or art is something that the printed page cannot do. Nowadays, people use computers, and that can take away from the feel of the project. Another thing is that with computers, the definition of graphic design has been dramatically changed. The uniqueness of using this type of non-traditional art method can bring more people to one’s work. One thing people can say is using some ecological materials can bring friendliness to the project. One of the reasons why I got this book was because of the design of the cover. The reason is that the book itself looked like it was made from recycled materials. What I found interesting was what someone could create just by using stuff one can find in the woods or in the recycle bin. In my opinion the contents in this book are considered graphic design because of how the art is presented and the creative idea that art can be created from anything.

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