Graphic Design: Inspirations and Innovations

Reviewed by Dwayne Franklin

My book is titled Graphic Design: Inspirations and Innovations. It tries to connect to whats behind the actual art and what has changed within the subject. It suggests that the things behind a specific design could created from draw inspiration to a completely unrelated thing. Things like a musical genre can change the outcome of piece of art work. Theres a section in the book where it discusses how jazz music influenced a piece of graphic design artwork. It also says that older works can innovate and move the culture forward. An artist can draw inspiration from work in history and use to make modern designs. There is also a section about visual intrigued. If something is visually pleasing the a person, it can make the viewer more likely to buy a specific product or even learn more about what they are looking at. Sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes people don’t really think about why they like something or why its constantly on their mind. It also refers to photography also being a way to be create in graphic design and catch the eye of the viewer. The whole point to graphic design, in my opinion, is to spark interest and lure in the viewer.