Graphic Design Book Review

Reviewed by Darby Stephens

                 The book that I reviewed was “The Story of Graphic Design in France” by Michel Wlassikoff. This was a very interesting book filled with many images and works of art by French graphic designers. The book is a timeline of the evolution of graphic design starting from the early sixteenth century and spanning up to about 2005. The book begins talking about the introduction of typography in France. It then goes on to explain how different fonts came about over time and the regulations that were set when it came to making these types. Along the way typography made its way into the art world around 1880. Soon type and illustrations were found in signs and advertising. Each chapter of the book discusses a different era and the styles and layouts that became popular during these times. Some of the influences for French graphic design came from countries such as Russia, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

                A few things that really caught my interest were some of the early illustrations that are shown in the book. I loved some of the elaborate details of the types and illustrations that were in posters, advertisements, magazines and labels specifically around the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds.