Eco Friendly Design

Reviewed by Ariana Behm

I found this book to be extremely insightful on the benefits of “going green” and still being able to dazzle others. This book also explains that as designers it is our responsibility to make sure we do what we can to preserve our planets resources. Some ideas the book offers include unbleached paper with highly recycled content, avoiding harmful finishing techniques, and limiting ink and varnish coverage. All of these ideas sound simple but it is more complex than that, which I found interesting. In order to do all of these ideas, you have to be smart about color schemes (how will these colors look on unbleached papers and without the varnished ink? for example). As a designer you also must consider what could be considered wasteful design, in other words keeping ideas minimalistic but also keeping things interesting.

After reading through all the ideas of being eco-friendly, the book shows pictures of examples of what they are suggesting. This is the part that I found most interesting because not only do you get to see how everything came together, but you also know that it was done in an environmentally friendly way. Being eco-friendly means a lot more than just conserving energy and recycling trash, and as designers it is important that we understand that.

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