Creativity for Graphic Designers

Reviewed By Charlene Gates

The book I selected mostly for the clouds on the cover and the clock, could not have been a more perfect selection for me.

A main keynote pointed out right away is how people tend to look to others for work to get the design process going, he recommends to search deeper for our own ideas and creativity. It is very common with designers to start out in this way because the search is on for what is the most appealing to others. Seeing other peoples work is very instrumental however.  Olach opens the page for you to reach your best for clients.  

The thing this book made so clear early on is that I have everything already within my own creative mind. Bringing that to the table is the place to start, Then I begin implementing what I learn about being a designer. Oldach uses an amazing variety of was to express his point to reach his readers. He tactfully takes you through a journey to attain success matter if your just starting out or are a veteran designer. Oldach walks your through the creative phases that help you top adjust your creative process, avoiding that “dreaded” wall.

The starting point of preparing for ideas is broken down into neat compartments for keeping you on track and the focus is just what it should be on. All of the focus staying as directed on the client and your project.

  • An example of his breakdown is as follows:

  • Clearly defined message

  • Research problem throughout

  • Analyze Objectives

  • Asking appropriate questions

  • Really Listening

After all this is fit into the best layout for your, its time to get to work

……Then dump your head out on to paper as soon as you can right after the meeting.


From here you are on your way to a pretty solid workable perspective. Of course there are many many more steps that are very helpful in organization, client relationships and things that come up with them.