Breaking the Rules of Graphic Design

Reviewed by Tyler Ramsdell

Breaking the rules in graphic design is a book made (very obviously so) in the ‘90s, and it is about the designers of that time and the work they accomplished. It is very heavy in largely detailed designs and artist interpretations. A very large amount of designs are 3-D and use many different non-paper elements such as cardboard, stone and various metals. These are specific groundbreaking works which are credited towards the designing firm that created the works and who their ‘contractors’ or clients were, these clients being big and small names. It also shows the objective of the overall design and what kind of innovation or different kind of changes this made towards the industry. The book is separated into several sections that include the style and type of product they are producing. Among these are: Brochures, Posters, Packaging and much more. The styles range from very eclectic to old style vintage and include a wide range of detail that is very contrasting to the modern day obsession with the minimalist style/ movement.  The overall theme of this book shows the very different styles and innovations of graphic design and is very much a helpful reference to anyone in the industry.