Bookstore Labels

Project: No. 2
Points: 10 points
Duration: 8 days
Due: Thursday, May 21, end of class


If you’ve been to the WCC bookstore lately you’ve probably noticed the home-made labels make the book section look like a garage sale.

For this project, we will be solving basic usability problems and putting our graphic design skills to the test by creating a clear and useful new set of six bookstore shelf labels for the WCC Bookstore.


File Organization

This setup should be done before starting any graphic design efforts.

All files relating to this project should be kept one place. Please give yourself the following folders to work from throughout the duration of this project:

  1. A Drafts folder to contain all working files (native files)

  2. A Miscellaneous folder for research, notes, and reference items

  3. A Submission folder to contain your final files

Use File / Save As... and a sequential numbering system before trying out new ideas or taking the project in a different direction. This will keep your initial work intact. These files belong in the Drafts folder.


GDT-107 / Projects / 01 / ...


Make a mental note of the problems and inconsistencies you notice as you look through the reference images. The list you create will be your set of problems to solve.

Picture yourself as the end-user and think about what you’d expect to see and where you’d expect to see it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes them look like garage sale price tags?

  • What part of the label should a customer notice first?

  • What is the most important piece of information on the entire label?

  • How can you make it easier for a customer to see that piece of information first?

  • What information can be deleted?

  • Why do some have handwritten notes, stickers and highlighter marks?

  • What’s this “Nook” thing all about?

  • Why is the “Rental” sign tacked onto the side?

  • Why do some courses have two labels?

  • How can they be consolidated?

Design Process

Once you’ve identified as many problems as you can find, you’ll address them, one by one, in your redesign. Start by designing one of the course labels to act as a template and then apply the system to each of the remaining labels for a total of six labels:

  1. GDT–101

  2. GDT–104

  3. GDT–106

  4. GDT–107

  5. GDT–108

  6. GDT–112

Document Setup

  1. File / New Document

  2. Number of Pages: 6

  3. Facing Pages: No

  4. Page Size: Your choice

  5. Orientation: Your choice

  6. Columns: Your choice

  7. Margins: Your choice


For this project every student will submit a folder of work, rather than a single file. Follow the instructions below to properly prepare your folder.

Submissions will only be accepted on the due date.
There are no print requirements for this project.

  1. Package your work
    File / Package...
    Use default settings

  2. Create a .jpg file for each of your labels
    File / Export / JPEG...
    Save into the packaged folder created in step one
    Export: All Pages
    Quality: High
    Resolution: 96 ppi
    InDesign will create one .jpg for each page inside the document

  3. Submit the packaged folder
    Make sure your first initial and last name are in the folder name
    Submit the folder to the Class Folders


Submission files

Student Examples