Bookmark Set

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Project: No. 4
Points: 10
Assigned: Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Duration: 4 class sessions / 10 days total
Due: Thursday, June 18, 2015 (end of class)


For this project we will be working small (while thinking big) through the design and production of a set of five bookmarks.

Each piece will need to maintain its individuality, while matching the look and feel of the full set.


The project will emphasize the following components:

  • Small-scale design
  • Front/back relationship
  • Maintaining individuality within a larger framework
  • Providing the standards for the larger framework
  • Organizing an unusual height/width ratio
  • Print production issues (registration, bleed, trim)


Each bookmark must include written and visual content pertaining to the chosen book (or series). The written content can be directly sampled from the book itself, the book's Amazon listing (or comments section), critical review, etc.

Students may visit the WCC Library to look for source books.

  1. Header or title
    1–10 words
  2. Tagline or short description
    4–15 words
  3. Extended description or quote
    20–50 words
  4. Imagery relating to the book
    Created by you or from a royalty-free stock-imagery site


The following criteria must be addressed.

  1. Correct document setup
  2. All content requirements are met
  3. Clear distinction between front and back
  4. Appropriate and thoughtful typography
  5. Success as individual stand-alone pieces
  6. Successful part-to-whole relationship
  7. Participation in one-on-one critiques with instructor
  8. Effective time management
  9. Proper file submission
  10. Craftsmanship of final printed product

Document Setup

Set up your document according to the following specifications:

  • Number of Pages: 10
  • Facing Pages: Off
  • Page Size
    Width: 2"
    Height: 6.5"
  • Columns: optional
  • Margin: optional
  • Bleed: .125"


The following files must be submitted to the Class Folders by the due date listed above. Additionally, this project requires a printed submission.

  1. Packaged Files
    File / Package...
    Include .idml file
    Include .pdf (High Quality Print setting)
  2. Screen resolution JPEGs
    File / Export...
    Format: JPEG
    Export: All, Pages
    Quality: Maximum
    Resolution (ppi): 150
    Color Space: RGB
  3. 5 printed pieces
    Production Center
    Printed with bleeds
    4/4 (full color)

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