Book Review

September 16, 2019

October 2, 2019

17 days
(3 weeks)



The history of graphic design is so tightly bound to its production output that the two can hardly be separated. For several hundred years, the primary production method was ink-on-paper, bound together in the form of books. For this project we’ll be delving into the book collection at the WCC Bailey Library as the basis for composing a book review. To kick-off the project We will visit the library as a group. This project will follow the steps listed below.

  1. Selecting the book
  2. Reading the content of the book
  3. Writing/designing the book review
  4. Presenting the completed work

Book Selection

Each student will begin by selecting three possible candidates for their chosen book. The instructor will speak with each student individually in order to approve the most suitable option.

  • The subject matter must relate to some aspect of graphic design history.

  • The book must be checked out from the library (WCC Student ID required).

  • Each student must fill out the book registration form below.

Book Registration

Name *
Section *
Please list the complete title of the book, including subtitle if applicable.
Please list the author/editor(s) name.

Possible ideas

  • A book written in the sixties about contemporary design techniques, i.e. screen printing posters

  • A monograph profiling a historical practitioner, i.e. Bradbury Thompson or William Morris monograph

  • A collection of images showcasing a historical movement or time period, i.e. Art Nouveau design motifs.

Book Reading

Each student will spend the remainder of the class session inside the library with their book. This is a good chance to get a head start on the reading.

Continue reading the book outside class. The goal is to comprehend the major points the author/editor is attempting to make.

It’s a good idea to take notes while reading because those notes will form the basis of the book review.

Book Review

The actual book review will be created in the form of a vertical (portrait) orientation 11" x 17" poster. This is not a typical academic paper, but something more like a promotional poster and your style of writing should reflect that. You may create your poster using your software of choice.

The text should be styled in a way that reflects the contents of the book, either in terms of the book’s aesthetics or its primary content. The layout must include a photo of the book, taken by you, not found online.

View example poster


The book review will highlight the major points the book is trying to make, as well as any other additional things you find interesting. It should include notable things about the author, if possible. It should also include a critical look at the book itself. How does the book succeed, how does it fail? Please make special note of the graphic design of the book itself.

Required content

  • Poster title
    Note: This is different than the book title

  • The book title

  • The author name

  • Written review
    Target word count: 200 words

  • A photo of the book
    Take by you, not found online

  • Your name

  • The course name
    e.g. “GDT-101”

  • The project name
    e.g. “Book Review”

Presentation & Submission

We will review the final print-outs together in class on the final date listed above. Our group discussion will act as a final review of the content.

Email a .pdf of the final document to the instructor as an attachment after considering the feedback from the class discussion.


Please note: This assignment has changed considerably since the first time this was given in GDT-101. The examples linked below reflect a previous set of criteria that is no longer in effect.

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