The Way Things Look


I have been bookmarking examples of contemporary graphic design on a Tumblr blog called The Way Things Look for about 6 years now. I don’t pay attention to it very often anymore, but early on, I spent a fair amount of time pruning it. It served as a visual bookmarking station, basically an alternative to Pinterest. I would find things from people’s portfolio sites and post a representative image from projects I wanted to remember. Eventually, the hand-picking method devolved into reblogging other things that came across my Tumblr dashboard which was actually more efficient than finding them across the web and the quality didn’t really take a hit. Now, The Way Things Look stands as a static archive of things I’ve enjoyed over the last few years but I still go back to reference things once in a while. Tonight, while working on the Small House book, I needed to grab an example of an all-text cover (set in all one point size), a partial dust jacket, and an alternative to cloth hardbinding. That’s when it comes in handy.