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Photos from Japan

Occasionally I go back through my photos from Japan and process a few that I overlooked when I was actively processing them after the trip. Here are a few I worked on last night to wind down after working on a freelance assignment.


Kate and I decided to go on honeymoon immediately following our wedding, or at least, as soon after as our plane schedule would allow. Apparently flight to the Caribbean leave Detroit around 6am so we hopped in a cab at 4:30am Sunday morning.

After nine hours of plane-travel and three hours on (mostly) unpaved roads, we arrived at Gaia, our first destination in Belize. Four days later we started the second half of our vacation by taking a "pond jumper" to the coast and a commuter boat to a little island near the coral reef.

Below is a photo roundup of our nine-day adventure in Central America.


NYC 2014

This past week (September 4–8, 2014) I had the opportunity to visit New York City with Kate. She graciously arranged the entire thing, including our accommodations at her uncle’s stylish four-hundred square foot condo in Chelsea.

Dave is an architect and knows the history of New York’s skyline like the back of his hand. He’s also a cyclist and took us out on his Brompton folding bikes for a couple of bike tours. Below are a number of photos from those rides along with a number of other shots from our museum visits and walks around the city.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

It was such a monumental trip for me, having only been to NYC once before on a class trip that consisted of design studio visits and a trip to MoMA for an hour. It's hard to pick a favorite moment, although seeing two Gutenberg Bibles in one day was a highlight. So was seeing Ray Johnson Designs at MoMA. I had heard about that show several months ago and resigned myself to fact that I wouldn't get to see it. When Kate mentioned her plans to take us to NYC I realized I would see it after all.

Day 4

Falling in love with the early NY skyscrapers was another highlight. Each one was the tallest, the most expensive, or the most brilliantly designed building in the world at the time it was created, making each distinct and memorable.

Day 5