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Clay Work Studio

I recently became a full-fledged member of Clay Work Studio in Ann Arbor. Working with clay after eight years away from it feels like reconnecting with an old loved-one. Too much computer work is what drove me to ceramics in the first place and it's more than likely what's brought me back this time around. Computer-workers like me tend to forget our hands are capable of more than mouse clicks.

I've been fairly active over the past couple of weeks—making time after work, after my exercise classes and occasionally on my lunch breaks. My first round of work came back from the kiln unscathed—and to my delight—fairly good looking. Five little espresso-size cup/saucer combos, each solidly covered with a different studio glaze. Three of the five are pictured below and are currently on sale at Clay Work's annual Christmas Sale. We'll see if they sell...