My friend Amy at 826michigan recently asked me if I’d design another
edition of the OMNIBUS for them. It’s only been a few months since wrapping up the last one, and the fatigue hasn’t quite worn off yet, but for whatever reason, I said… “ok, let’s do it!” Hopefully I won’t regret that. I already have four different book projects in the works, all in various states of development. Wait… I just started another one, so that makes it five books. I’m so overwhelmed with side projects I’m forgetting them. It’s probably too many projects at once, and my attention can only handle so much, but book work is such a pleasing activity and results are so satisfying that it’s very hard to say no, even when I know I should. The image above is a type treatment I started
in Illustrator the other day in response to Amy’s cover prompt: represent the three cities serviced by 826michigan in a skyline. I’m not much of a draw-a-skyline kind of guy, but I’m certainly a stack-a-bunch-of-letters kind of guy. Set in big, beautiful Maelstrom Sans from Klim, the best foundry out there.