Closing the 365 Project

Up until a few weeks ago, I was participating in a self-initiated daily image creation project. It went really well (for the most part I guess) until something undexpected happened in my life—I found myself in a new job.

On September 3, 2013, I started my new appointment as Graphic Communications Specialist at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. It's a position I'd been fighting for (sometimes passively, other times much more actively) since I moved to Ann Arbor in late 2008.

As it turns out, my work at the museum is every bit as enjoyable and rewarding as I'd always imagined it. I was challenged and respected in a way that I hadn't felt in my last few years of client service.

In addition to my new tasks at the museum, my attention was still split in two other important directions: the course I'm teaching at WCC and my volunteer work with 826michigan. At that point, I was busy wrapping up the Omnibus. Not to mention, I'd been making little collages in my spare time, that, for whatever reason, I couldn't bring myself to include in the #365 project.

It was about then—early Septemeber—that I realized that I'd completely forgotten about my #365 project. Days of absence turned into weeks of neglect... The project felt burdensoume and unnecessary in light of my new creative outlets.

So, this is a long way of saying that I'm exiting the #365 project and continuing to focus on the larger, more pressing issues on my plate at the moment. Thanks, if you were one of the few that followed along.

Graphic DesignKevin Woodland