Biographical Poster

Project: No. 7
Points: 9
Duration: 3 Class Sessions, 15 days
Assigned: Tues., Nov. 20
Due: Thurs., Dec. 4, end of class


For this project we'll be making a biographical Wikipedia entry more visually accessible in the form of a typographic poster.


Choose a Wikipedia entry about a person. Copy and paste the full text of the article into a Microsoft Word document.

Clean the text up by deleting out the footnote markers (and other cruft) until only the article and section dividers remain.

Make sure to leave in

  • All body text

  • Biographical Notes

  • "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

Leave out

  • Bibliography

  • References

  • External Links

  • Photos

  • Photo captions

  • Footnote markers

  • "Edit" markers


Be as creative as possible. Make the content interesting to look at, make it pull the viewer in. Use the large space and the extreme viewing distance to your advantage.

Match your paragraph and character styles as closely to the original article as possible (pay particular attention to italics).

Doc Setup: 18" x 24"

Use as many or as few fonts as you prefer.

No images, but color fields and support graphics are fine within reason.


Submit your packaged InDesign file to the Class Folders and a web-ready .jpg to the Class Blog per the instructions on the Policies page.