Advanced Compositing

Exercise: No. 5
Duration: 1 Day
Due: By end of class


For this exercise you'll be using the channel selection technique to add new backgrounds to three different images.

The type of background is entirely up to you.


  • Download the Start Files

  • Work on the files in the sequence they are numbered

  • Locate the channel that represents the best starting point for your selection

  • Duplicate that channel

  • Use whatever tecniques are necessary to form a proper B&W and white channel

  • Create a selection from your work channel

  • Tweak the edge of the selection using Refine Edge

  • Add a new background and save your image


Class Folders 
Native Files and web-ready .jpgs

Class Blog 
Your best web-ready .jpg

Note: Consolidate your files into a folder before submitting to the Class Folders. Do not include the start files with your submission.

Resources | Selections, alpha channels and layer masks | Selecting from a channel | Mixing and matching selection tools